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Monday, September 17, 2012

Touching upon Benghazi and consequences

1) On the significant date of September 11, "radical Islamists" (which is to say, Moslems who take seriously the demands/commands of Islam) attack and overrun the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, hunting down and capturing, then murdering (*) the US ambassador, who happened to have been openly "gay", and three other Americans.

(*) There are reports, and official denials, that he was sodomized before or after (or both) the murder.

2) The alleged US Administration claims that this clearly-planned assult, along with protests at, and attacks upon, US Embassies in other Moslem countries is to be blamed upon not the free choices of the attackers and murderers (**), but rather upon the existence of a piss-poor (**') movie "trailer" that no one had seen until then -- and immediately "apologized" to all Moslems everywhere for the fact-and-right of Freedom of Speech in the US.

(**) Which rationalization Moslems ought to take as an insult, for its logical entailment is that they are not moral agents, as you and I are.

(**') The piss-poor YouTube video is an attempt simply to act-out things Moslems thenselves have proudly said about ole' Mo for more than 1000 years.

3) A few days later, officers of the LA County Deputy show up -- in the middle of the night -- at the residence of the man identified as the source of the YouTube video, to "voluntarily" (***) take him in to "answer a few questions" related to possible violations of his parole (****).

(***) Riiight! And what would have happened had he declined the "request" to "voluntarily" come in to "answer a few questions"?

(****) Really? In the middle of the night? Requiring a falanx of officers to "voluntarily" escort a non-violent 55 year-old man in for "questions"? With so-called journalists as part of the deployment?

4) Does no one recall the deliberate provocations to Moslems of hosting "gay" "pride" events at US embassies in Moslem countries? (for example)

4a) So this is how it appears to stand -- if some private person in America states certain truths about Islam or Mohammed that Moslems don't want non-Moslems to understand, and some Moslems claim that at a pretext to riot and/or murder Americans, then the First Amendment has to go. However, if the US government officially and quite in-your-face endorses behaviors that offend most Americans *and* Moslems, and explicitly makes it a point to wave this red-flag in the faces of Moslem, in their own countries, then ... what?

Is it really plausible that the leftists running our government have our best interest at heart?

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