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Saturday, September 1, 2012

It's already here

In the comments of Vox Day's post called 'That didn't take long', 'Map' writes:
... It gets worse.

Gay marriage followed by polygamy will destroy any biological-basis in parenting. Under polygamy, courts would be able to tell a biological father that he is not the true father of his children and assign "fatherhood" to any possible entity: another man; another woman; the state, etc.

This is all-out war.
But, as Lydia McGrew explains in 'This is not a game', the future result 'Map' envisions is already here.

People who like to think themselves 'conservative' need to get this into their minds: the leftists are intent to destroy all vestage of our historical societies -- they intend to destroy us -- and the "liberals" ... and the libertarians ... are their allies-and-stooges in this war to the death. Further, if *you* who call yourself 'conservative' do not actively work to identify and eliminate from your thinking the false leftist premises planted there during your incarceration in the public-indoctrination centers, along with your constant immersion in "popular culture", then you, too, will end up functioning as a stooge, and ultimately a corpse, to leftism.

If you free yourself from the shackles of leftist "thought" in which you were enchained before you even knew what was going on, you may still end your (physical) life as one more of the vast count of victims of leftism. But, you'll end your life as a free man, and not complicit in your own murder.


Shackleman said...

Excellent post. I agree. Glad I finally woke up, though the internal battle and struggle still rages from time to time.

It's not easy unwashing one's brain after a lifetime of indoctrination.

Ilíon said...

Welcome, Shackleman.

Ultimately, the successful washing out of one's mind a lifetime of indoctrination into falsehood is via the Blood of The Lamb.