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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Two Options Only

Hilary White (What Is Up With The Synod?): The smiling executioner: when death becomes an obligation
And here we are, 20 years later, and a court has ruled that although his parents have permission to take Alfie Evans home, he is still being effectively held prisoner, refused medical care for his still-undiagnosed condition, specifically in order to assure that he doesn’t live. The British medical system and courts have determined that Alfie has to die because of the working assumption that death is preferable to life for disabled people.

When my friends email me to tell me how they feel about it and say things like, “I can’t fathom this,” all I can think or say is, “I can.” For those who are horrified and perplexed and baffled by what is happening to Alfie Evans (and to Charlie Gard before him) I can certainly empathise. But I can say that I’m not perplexed or baffled. This is the only possible destination of the path we’ve been on for a long time. This is where we had to go.

Such things are only the beginning of the horrors to come in the nations formerly known as 'Christendom', because they have collectively turned their backs on Christ.

There is always a "god of the system"; there is *always* an organizing metaphysical basis to a society -- i.e. a "religion" which determines what may and may not be done. And since the nations formerly known as 'Christendom' have collectively turned their backs on Christ, and have rejected the foundation on which they were built, the only alternative "god of the system" is necessarily demonic.

There is no going back to the "innocent paganism" (as CS Lewis once called it) of the ancients. Christ has come, and he has ended that that particular ignorance (and 'ignorance' is, after all, what 'innocence' means): the only options left to our nations are:
1) Christ, and life;
2) the Pit, and death.

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