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Sunday, September 9, 2012

One true statement

Almost everything Clinton says in this ad is false or measleading, or both -- "Clear Choice" Obama ad. But then, it is Clinton, so what else is to be expected?

The one true statment Clinton makes -- though, as is typical with him, it is intentionally misleading -- is this: "President Obama has a plan to rebuild America from the ground up, "investing" in [blah, blah, blah] ..."

Now, the thing about trying to "rebuild [something] from the ground up", is that you first have to tear it down to the ground, or blow it up, and cart away the pieces.

It's not as though it were exactly news to anyone who had wanted to know, all along, that Obama intends to destroy America-as-we-are. What in the hell do you think "fundamentally transform America" means?


Anonymous said...
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Ilíon said...

That's certainly an interesting way to post-facto change the meaning of Obama's pre-election pledge to "fundamentally transform America".

And who said anything about conspiracy theories until you showed up?