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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Well, No

The Wichita Eagle: 'Swatting' led to fatal shooting of Andrew Finch, [bureaucrats-with-guns] say

Well, no. The hoax call to the "Swat Team" supplied the spark, but the tinder was already there ... in the form, and mindset, of *having* a "Swat Team".

Still, I must give the rest of the cops credit, in that the trigger-happy cop's fatal shot didn't set off the rest of them.

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Friday, December 22, 2017

"What Happened"

OR: Too Clever By Half

One of the reasons that Trump is in the White House ... and, God willing, Hillary "What Happened" Clinton will be in the Big House ... is that multiple thousands, perhaps even millions, of Democrats helped put him there. I'm not talking about the ones who voted for him in the general election; I'm talking about the ones who cynically "crossed party lines" in the primaries to vote for Trump on the assurance of their Too Clever By Half leftist puppet-masters that getting Trump nominated as the Republican candidate would *help* Crooked Hillary win the general election.

Think about this for a minute -- these Democrat voters fully expected that the Republican establishment would honor their official rules ... even as it was a not-so-secret "open secret" that the Democrat establishment had rigged their primary, so that Democrat voters' votes were total shams.

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The Second Coming ...

... of Reagan (*)

No matter what Trump says or does, the leftists are going to act as though he were The Second Coming of Ronald Reagan. So, while he's at it, he might as well out-Reagan Reagan.

(*) While I was not a "Never-Trumper", in the end I didn't vote for him (to be more precise, as I am passed tired of voting for "the lesser of two evils", I couldn't bring myself to vote for him). I voted for Darrell Castle of the Constitution Party. My second choice would have been the Conservative Party; but the Constitution Party's planks were more explicitly "socially conservative" and, indeed, unashamedly Christian, so I voted for them.

While I am still registered as a Republican, I have for many years despised the establishment GOP almost as much as I do the Dems, and for much the same reason -- they do not love America, and they do not see it as Job One to further the true, and long-term, interests of actual Americans over undocumented Democrats.

But, Trump, for all his faults, comes across as someone who really does love America and is working for the interests of Americans, rather than of foreigners.

And that, by the way, was Reagan's "secret" -- he loved America and Americans. He disagreed with the "big thinkers" in both parties that it was America's fate to be overrun by the Marxists (and, as far as most Dems were and still are concerned, that we *deserved* to be).

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

A Perfect Example

This post -- A Dishonest Church Disguised as a Nation -- is a perfect example of the America-hating "neo-reactionary" fools who populate "The Orthoshpere". And, because they hate America and its foundational principles, some of them even imagine they can ally with "the old left".

They won't allow me to post criticisms on their site of the foolish things they say --
Chesterton said that America was “a nation with the soul of a church” because it was not a natural, historical nation, formed over time by blood and custom, but was a theoretical nation formed around a creed.
This assertion is as false-to-reality as Vox Day's opposite assertion that America is *nothing but* a "natural, historical nation, formed over time by blood and custom".

In truth, America is *both* simultaneously.

The creed of this “nation with the soul of a church” is not the Nicene Creed, which means that this “nation with the soul of a church” is a rival church.
The State is not The Nation, however much a state ultimately reflects the society it rules: the American State has long (longer than any of us have been alive) been co-opted by anti-Christian secularists and leftists (*). But, even now, after more than a century, that is a different matter to what America *is*.

(*) And one of the main reasons they are able to do this is because most Americans just aren't that interested in running the lives of other people ... and so, those aberrant individuals who do have that interest face less competition in the public/political sphere than one could wish.

And it is not in any honest sense of the word a nation, since confessing the same creed is not at all the same thing as descending from the same forefathers. The phrase “creedal nation” is a blatant oxymoron, because to say that a nation is a church is as asinine as to say that a baby is a Bible.
So, is that very Bible to which J.M.Smith refers also blatantly oxymoronic in referring to the totality of Christians, confessing the same creed, as a "nation" and a "holy nation" on the basis of that common confession of allegiance to one Lord?

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