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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Leftists always lie

Michael Egnor has a recent post concerning recent events in Araby in light of current and past deliberate actions of the Administration of alleged President Obama -- AND concerning the curious incuriosity of our moral and intellectual superiors in the Team-Obama Press to ask these questions.

Most of the persons who leave comments, such as they are, on Mr Egnor's blog happen to be leftists (and illogical and anti-reason 'atheists' and irrational anti-science DarwinDefenders) ... and the general tone and content of their responses to his post are exactly the sort of dishonesty one expect of leftists (and 'atheists' and DarwinDefenders). Yet, I want especially to draw Gentile Reader's attention to this gem -- "What’s really ironic is that when conservatives talk about hate crime laws they argue against even considering the victim’s sexuality when examining the motives of the perpetrator; fighting against any laws that give that motivation any weight whatsoever. Now, all of a sudden, we need an investigation to see if this terrorist act was also an anti-gay hate crime!

Why the sudden concern? Because Egnor gets to say “Is the Obama administration in a lying frenzy to cover-up the fact that their incompetence and their idiotic effort to add a little Gay Pride to our foreign service”. What Egnor wants is a witch hunt.


Anonymous said...

I like Araby!

It brings to mind:

I'll sing thee songs of Araby,
And tales of fair Cashmere

I also want to visit Jewry, the Two Sicilies, Outremer, and Cathay.