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Monday, February 29, 2016

Mario Apuzzo - Natural Born Citizen

For anyone who may be interested in the subject, I've added a blog I learned of the other day to my blogroll (*): Natural Born Citizen

(*) which now seems to be at the point that if I wish to add another, I'll have to begin removing some of the defunct ones.

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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Socialism? Heck yeah

Bruce McQuain at Q and O: Stray Voltage
Socialism? Heck yeah. Why look at how well Venezuela is doing:
And now, the announcement of the “nutritional emergency” makes it official. Venezuela is out of food, and it’s only a matter of time before Venezuelans are quite literally starving due to a long series of terrible decisions by their leaders.
That’s right, it’s no longer about not having diapers and toilet paper. Nope, the socialist government has run the country out of food as well. Feel the Bern!
On the bright side, the food crisis *does* solve the toilet paper and diaper crises — so, one step back, but two forward. That counts as Progress, doesn't it?

PS: be sure to check out the "meme" at the bottom of his post; it's pretty funny.

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Thursday, February 18, 2016

"Supreme Court" vs "supreme Court"

Selwyn Duke at American Thinker: Did Justice Scalia Already Give Us the Solution to the Problem of Filling His Seat?
The real issue here is not whether Scalia’s successor will abide by the Constitution.

It’s whether we will.

Consider: in a representative republic of 320 million people, we’re all now talking about how one appointment of one unelected lawyer can radically change the face of American law, rights, and freedoms. Anything wrong with this picture?

This isn’t to say that a civilization’s fate being radically altered by one man’s death and another’s ascendancy hasn’t been humanity’s norm. Autocracy has been humanity’s norm. The king would pass on and people might lament, “You mean Aylwin, that kid who drools on his cloak, is next in line? How shall we be ruled?” But does this sound like a concern in a land of, by and for the people? The fact is that a government cannot be stable if one man’s fancies and fortunes can have such a great impact on it and the wider society. Did the Founding Fathers -- who were most concerned about avoiding the aggregation of power by any one entity -- really devise such a flawed system?
The legislative branch has the power to make law because the Constitution grants it. The executive branch has the power to enforce law because the Constitution grants it. And the courts exercise judicial supremacy -- where its decisions constrain not just its own branch but the other two as well, making it not a “co-equal” branch but a super-legislature/über-executive -- because ____________?

The answer has nothing to do with the Constitution. Rather, the Supreme Court unilaterally declared the power in the 1803 Marbury v. Madison ruling.

That’s right: Like an upstart seizing the reins in a palace coup, the Supreme Court assigned the Supreme Court its oligarchic power, all without the force of arms. It’s a nice con if you can pull it off.

This isn’t how our system is meant to work. A governmental branch derives its power from the Constitution -- not from itself. ...
Moreover -- and this is something most persons will resist knowing ... even when it is directly pointed to in the Constitution ... for is it contrary to the indoctrination they received when they were ignorant teens -- the US Constitution creates the federal courts, including the supreme Court, as creatures of Congress, rather than as a "co-equal" (and therefore, somehow, Supreme) branch of government.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

UK cops arrest man for “offensive” comment about Muslim Moslem migrants invaders

Jihad Watch: UK cops arrest man for “offensive” comment about Muslim migrants

This isn't a new development in the UK, or in other European countries. When one understands how bureaucrats think, when one understands the incentives by which they operate, it's entire predictable: bureaucrats, like Mohammedans, always go for the "soft targets". And when bureaucrats are leftists, they will always turn state violence against the peaceable and law-abiding rather than against the violent and law-breaking.

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Socialism ... explained‏

A "meme" from V the K at GayPatriot: Boom!

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