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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Isn't it amazing

Isn't it amazing that Vox Day's "argument" against (what is called ) 'free trade' and for protectionism (*) *always* relies upon at least misrepresentation, when not outright lies? Free trade and war

The PRC is one huge slave-labor camp. No one engages in 'free trade' with Chinese citizens (there is no such thing in mainland China): any and all trade with (mainland) China is with the PRC, not with any Chinese person.

(*) by which governmental violent force and compulsion is harnessed by the organized and politically connected few so as to compell the unorganized and politically unconnected many to tender unto the few the fruits of the many's labor, in a manner they would not voluntarily do.

It is foolish -- and immoral -- to "compromises" with the unjust demands of protectionists. For, having done so, the very logic of the "compromise" itself allows no limit to the "protection" that can, and will, be further demanded.

If a man demands your right arm, and you "compromise" by giving him your index finger, by what logic will you not give him your entire right hand on the next iteration of his unjust demands?

The demand for protection against 'free trade' is the assertion of ownership by the organized few over the unorganized many citizens (or "citizens") of a state.