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Friday, September 14, 2012

'Better Dead Than Red'

Back in those ancient days when I was still a tadpole, back when 'red' and 'blue' meant much the opposite of what they mean in current American politics, there was a saying amongst true-blue conservatives, and thus much mocked by "liberals" as a prime example of the the "unreasonableness" and "irrationality" of conservatism (*): "Better Dead Than Red"

But, today, when we speak of "Red States" and "Blue States", when the color historically associated with The Left, that is, the color of blood, in now routinely used to denote what passes in America for The Right, it is the "liberals", those puppets of The Left, who believe "Better Dead Than Red", even if they don't explicitly express the saying (**).

In those now remote days, "Better Dead Than Red" meant "it is better that we all, our entire nation, should die, than that we submit to communism". In contemporary leftist-run America, "Better Dead Than Red" means "it is better that we all, our entire nation, should die, than that we face/acknowledge [the 'conservative' nature of] reality".

Lawrence Auster: Our leaders apply the liberal template to the embassy attacks --
Meaning, these were not intentional acts of violence by people who oppose the United States and want to hurt it, but just the “acting out” of whacked-out individuals, the equivalent of a drunken man firing a gun aimlessly on a street. Meaning, the murders of the American diplomats have no meaning. They must not have meaning, because if they do, their meaning is that at least a significant number of Muslims are our enemies. And if Muslims are our enemies, then we must think in terms of “us” and “them.” We must be for ourselves and against them. We must negatively judge them, discriminate against them, defend ourselves from them, and even fight them. But if we did those horrible things, modern liberalism would be kaput. We’d all be Nazis. And it’s better to let ourselves all be killed by senseless violence than to be Nazis.
(*) as though it even can be reasonable and rational to compromise with he who desires of you only that you should die.

(**) Still, given the pop culture reference to red pills and blue pills, is it not utterly fitting that the "liberals", the puppets of the left, are now the blues and the conservatives the reds?