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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Vox Day on a Particular Slippery Slope

Vox Day: And here I thought the slippery slope didn't exist

"Liberals" -- and libertarians -- are as capable of seeing a 'slippery slope' as any normal human being is. Further, they (both species) constantly make 'slippery slope' arguments when it serves the purpose of advancing their (insane) causes. It's only when recognition of a potential 'slippery slope' might cause "the masses" to pull back from reordering society to suit them that they (again, both sorts) start asserting that all 'slippery slope' arguments are, ipso facto, invalid or even asserting that there are no 'slippery slopes' in the first place.

Myself, while I grew up in a "conservative" church which strongly taught against female ordination -- while still giving women who wanted it far more *actual* responsibility than the "liberal" denominations did at the time -- I'm not fully persuaded by the arguments I've encountered either for or against female ordination. At the same time, as a practical matter, I've long noticed that *any* human organization, including churches, which becomes feminized always pushes the heterosexual men away; at first informally and unintentionally, then intentionally and with a vengence.

To put it another way -- and to really offend the sob-sisters amongst us -- any society which is dominated by the sort of thought processes and "logic" to which women seem naturally to gravitate, unless those (seemingly) natural tendencies are countermanded by "male" insistence upon actual logic, is not a society that any sane person, man or woman, wants to be a part of. Think of the problem this way: what sane person wants to be a member of a lesbian "marriage."

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Missing the Big Picture

Missing the Big Picture

Via Bob Parks, I encountered this audio segment of Mark Steyn (standing in for Rush Limbaugh) ... and I have to say, Steyn really missed the boat on this one. He shows himself here to be Not Serious -- not serious about respecting and enforcing the US Constitution, and thus not serious about preserving either the United States or America (the two are not *exactly* the same thing, thus the "or").

As Steyn rightly says, Obama is not the disease, he's but a symptom of the disease. But, likewise, and contrary to what Steyn says, the fact that "53% of your fellow Americans voted to put him in office" is also a symptom of the disease, and not the disease itself.

Furthermore, in contrast to the assertion he makes here in apparently rebuking a caller to the program, Steyn does not know that Obama was born in a Hawaiian hospital (*). At most, he assumes it ... and, clearly, he's totally incurious about actually knowing the truth of the matter.

Hell! We don't know that Obama even *is* a US citizen, much less that he meets the Constitutional requirement to occupy the presidency.

(*) And, whether Obama was or was not born in Hawaii maters only because his father was not a US citizen, and his mother was apparently a minor. Had both his parents been adult US citizens, he could have been born on Mars and he'd still be a "natural born" US citizen.

The Big Picture
The disease that is destroying the United States is not simply that 53% of the voters are willing to vote for whichever scumbag politician will promise them that in exchange for their votes he will enable them magically to live off the work and effort of other citizens. Socialism, too, is just a symptom of the disease.

The disease is that most of us -- including most, if not all, of the so-called conservative punditry -- refuses to understand the US Constitution, much less to honor it. One cannot actually be a conservative if one will not free oneself from the "liberal," which is to say, leftist, assumptions which control both "acceptable" public discourse and the very thoughts one allows oneself to think.

The disease destroying America is not economic, and it's not political; it's spiritual. The disease is that we are faithless: just as we are not keeping faith with the God of our Fathers, so too, we are not keeping faith with our Fathers.

To paraphrase what Someone said 2000 years ago: "If you will not honor the least points of the law, you will not honor the greater."

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