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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Book Galileo Was Supposed to Write

Michael Flynn: The Book Galileo Was Supposed to Write

My comment: The more I learn of the actual historical facts of the case (and the era), the more I think it fitting that the 'Science!' worshippers have latched upon Galileo as their patron saint.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Carter 2.0?

Some people speculate and/or believe that Obama 1.0 is really just Carter 2.0 (which is just Carter 1.0 with a newish skin). While I can certainly see the plausibility of that view, I don't think is quite captures the dire essence of the situation: I think Obama 1.0 (and God, let that be the end of it!) is a unique, and uniquely dangerous, entity.

In a nutshell, I think that Obama 1.0 is a virus (of the worm or Trojan horse sort) that thinks it's an OS.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

An education in futility

Kathy Shaidle frequently points out that a "college education" is generally a severe waste of time and money for most persons who are tricked into taking on the debt load; as does Vox Day, in his own inimitable way; as do, no doubt, many others.

Myself, I realized at the time that in the eyes of the university, I was just a cash-cow, or a sheep to be sheared. And I realized that most of my "college education" was (or would have been) high-school material in a previous, more adult, generation. I mean, specifically, there was nothing at all I was taught in college, including the more technical and field-specific aspects of it, that I could not have learned in high school.

Here (h/t to Matteo), is Charles Hugh Smith explaining the situaltion -- Students: You Are Exploited Debt-Serfs

A real education isn't something that just happens to you, as a passive "consumer" of the "educational system" ... at most, that just gets us to indoctrination; or, these days, more generally, propaganda. Rather, an education is something you intentionally do to yourself; it's kind of like love in that regard.

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ain't It Always the Way?

I started a new job (yeah!) a couple of weeks ago; sadly, it's a good hour and a half drive from home. I expected that, as there just isn't that much demand for computer programmers in this area.

I have to learn a bunch of new-to-me stuff for the job. So, I'd been looking for a book on one of the things (MS BizTalk, if that means anything to Gentle Reader).

The Borders Bookstore near where I work didn't seem to have anything, so after I got home last Friday (1.5+ hour drive) and failed to find anything at the local Barnes & Nobles, I went to my favorite computer store (in Columbus, another one hour drive). No luck finding a book, nor could the people there find anything in their system.

The next day, I called both the Borders stores in Columbus: the clerk at the one said she couldn't find anything on their system; the clerk at the other said they were no longer doing phone look-ups, as the store is closing.

So, I ordered a book from the little bookstore downtown here where I live; I came in sometime this week and I picked it up this morning.

Then, this afternoon, I went back to Columbus to try to find some books on other (computer) subjects ... and, wouldn't you know it, there at the computer store was the very book I'd just special ordered. If I (or the clerks) had been able to find it last time I was there, I could have had it a week sooner and for a few dollars less.

But, this story gets better. Or worse.

After I left the computer store, I decided to go to the Borders store nearby, the one I'd been told was closing (it turns out that both are closing due to the corporation's bankruptcy). And, wouldn't you know it! there, with a clearing-out-the-store 50% markdown, was a copy of the very book for less than half what I'd paid! But, at least I did find a book I can use, and a couple more at the other store.

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Friday, April 1, 2011

A perfect definition

In passing, Mike Flynn offers a perfect definition [or, more precisely, "characterizarion"] for "libertarian" -- "A libertarian is an absolute monarch with a very small kingdom."

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