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Sunday, October 23, 2016

They'll be the death of us, yet.

William A. Jacobson at Legal Insurrection: New object of hate: Guy who complained about older women in Yoga pants

Women, I mean.

Look, the poor guy didn't even use the totally accurate word 'slut' to denote women who wear yoga pants in public. He just said that they look ridiculous, which is true as far as that goes, and asked them to show some decorum.

And the response? Typical modern female -- "How dare some man to whom I'm not sexually attracted and whose particular attention I am not soliciting by a bawdy display of my body-as-sex-object dare to notice my brazen display of my body-as-sex-object! And how DARE he express an opinion *I* have not given him permission to express!"

Look, women: You don't get to wear the uniform, and then, when someone notices the uniform, cry that you were just playing dress-up.

Look, men: If your woman is dressing and behaving like a slut, that's because she *is* a slut ... and she's looking for a replacement for you.


B. Prokop said...

Well, I live within a hundred yards of at least 3 yoga studios (Is that the right term?), so I see people all day long going by carrying their mats to and from some activity therein. (I'm always reminded when I see them of Our Lord telling the paralytic to "Take up thy mat...")

I don't mind the women so much as the men, also in their yoga pants and clutching their mats. Now that might be the death of us!

Ilíon said...

It's not the yoga pants that are killing us; they are merely a symptom.