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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Coming soon to a swimming pool near you

Gentle Reader may recall having read last summer of an incident in Austria in which a Moslem rapfugee, one 'Amir A', anally raped a 10 year old boy at a public pool and then loitered around until the police showed up to arrest him. Gentle Reader may recall that at trial, his defense argument was that he was undergoing a "sexual emergency", as he hadn't penetrated any body(*) in four months.

In the piece linked below, Mark Steyn discusses the recent overturning by Austria's highest court of the conviction of 'Amir A', the rapist, on the grounds that maybe he just didn't understand that his anal raping of the 10 year old boy was not "consensual".

The problem here is not mainly Islam, though Islam is certainly a serious problem. The problem is leftism; to be more precise, the problem is leftists: it is leftists, in all their sub-varieties, who are destroying the Western nations. Deliberately.

Mark Steyn: Descent into Evil

(*) do note that I wrote "any body", not "anybody". For, after all, never mind consent, Muzzies experiencing a "sexual emergency" aren't too particular about whether those bodies are human or even alive.