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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Democratic Party

The Evil Party Democratic Party Platform (PDF format) to summarize: "Left! Kill! Left! Kill! Left! "

EDIT 2016/11/06:
Here is Victor Reppert, allowing his "liberal" politics to drive his morality:
I have a problem with the deeply un-Christian character that Trump consistently exhibits, and even without apocalyptic thinking here, he is deeply problematic from a Christian standpoint. And this is independent of the fundamental divide between liberals and conservatives.

When you say that you have the right to approach women sexually without permission, and that wealth and position of power gives you permission to do so, then you have something deeply un-Christian. I am not saying that this can't be repented of, but someone who has said those things has to really walk these attitudes back in ways in which Trump has not.
Here is my response:
VR: "When you say that you have the right to approach women sexually without permission, and that wealth and position of power gives you permission to do so ..."

That is not what he said, and you know that that is not what he said. He was laughing about (boasting about) how his wealth and fame gives him the opportunity to take advantage of one of the most common ways in which the sinfulness of women is manifest.

Meanwhile, and even aside from her own personal-and-well-known wickedness, Hillary is a Democrat -- Hillary is for murdering children and making you and me pay the murderers; Hillary is for forcing all doctors and nurses to participate in murdering children; Hillary is for persecuting Christians.
There is no such thing as "voting for the man, not the party"; to vote for a any politician is to vote for his party, all of it. The Democrats are the party of abortion (and treason, let us not forget that).

Anyone who votes for *any* Democrat for *any* office is guilty of the abortions the Democrats facilitate; unless one repents, anyone who votes for *any* Democrat for *any* office is already condemned by God.

When you stand before Christ in judgment, and he asks you about your active support of the Party of Abortion, do you *really* imagine that he's going to let you justify that by pointing to your support of the other sinful policies of the Democrats?


K T Cat said...

Starting on Page 45, I get the distinct feeling I'm not wanted ...

Ilíon said...

What? The Preamble didn't do it for you?

K T Cat said...


B. Prokop said...

Can't we just stick to debating the merits of yoga pants? Much less stress...

Ilíon said...

Yoga pants have no merit.

What's stressful about discussing the publicly stated goals and aspirations of the particular political parties?

B. Prokop said...

I meant stress in the omniverse, as regards politics in general. I'm beginning to agree with that aproned lady over on Victor's site. One should never discuss politics - not only in polite company, but just plain never!

Ilíon said...

The omniverse grows through stress. The stress-lines cause minute fractures, and through the fractures a little more reality leaks in, causing the omniverse to stretch a bit larger.