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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Perplexing Argument of Atheistic Materialism

William J Murray (at Uncommon Descent): The Perplexing Argument of Atheistic Materialism; wherein Mr Murray discusses the perplexing self-congratulatory behavior of so many internet 'atheists'.
... Perplexing. Perhaps they irrationally see atheism and materialism as heroic views that saved them from emotional distress and can also save the world from its ills, and so they have a devotion towards spreading those views and “freeing” others from what they experienced as harmful or hurtful beliefs. The problem is that if those views are true, their commitment and mission is necessarily worse than Quixotic; they are tilting at windmills as if they were giants even though they insist that giants do not exist. They argue here as if we have some supernatural agency like free will and the capacity to to force our chemistries into obeyance of rationality, even while insisting we do not. Atheistic materialists seem utterly unconcerned that their behavior is necessarily delusional – they act and argue as if the atheistic, material illusions of self, free will and rationality were real, causative commodities and not just side-effect sensations generated by ongoing chemical interactions.

William J Murray (at Uncommon Descent): The Ubiquitous Miracles Of Our Existence -- "We’re blind to the miraculous because the nature of our very existence is miraculous."


K T Cat said...

Great post. I totally agree about the miraculous nature of existence.

I just finished "The Great Good Thing" wherein Andrew Klavan says that the only atheist that made complete sense to him was the Marquis de Sade who described today's culture perfectly. Do what feels good, no matter what happens to others.

Too bad all atheists aren't so honest.