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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Only gentiles could be this dumb

That ["Only gentiles could be this dumb"] is the title Kathy Shaidle applied to her link this post: Jew-hating United Church members pretending to be self-hating Jews

This is my comment to that post --
"Independent Jewish Voices' claim that they are members of the United Church who happen to be Jews is about as valid as someone who says they are a Sunni Muslim who happens to be a member of the Roman Catholic Church. These are mutually exclusive terms and you're either one or the other. By their professed beliefs and actions, it seems clear that Independent Jewish Voices is made up of Christians masquerading as Jews for the sole purpose of attempting to lend a sick pseudo-legitimacy to their demonization of the Jewish state."

While I suspect that it's probably true that "Independent Jewish Voices" are not Jews, your argument against them lacks a certain umph. For, after all:

* one can be an 'atheist' ... and still be a "Jew"

* one can be an leftist ... and still be a "Jew"

* one can be a Buddhist ... and still be a "Jew"

* one can even be a Moslem ... and still be a "Jew" (at least in Reform circles)

Apparently, the only dual-loyalty not allowed is to be a Christian who is a Jew.
The United Church of Canada is a "liberal" -- which is to say, leftist -- "ecumenical Protestant" denomination of (these days) mostly pseudo-Christians: if there is an anti-Biblical, and especially leftist, proposition out there, you can be sure that the UCC will promote it. Of course they hate Israel, and Jews in general -- they're leftists.

At the same time, many Jews -- at any rate, the sort I call "bagel Jews" -- do seem to go out of their way to make it easy for non-Jews to have a low opinion of, or even hatred toward, Jews in general. When your "Judaism" amounts to little more than hatred of Christianity (*), how can you be surprized that persons whose "Christianity" amounts to little more than "my sainted mother was a Christian" have a low opinion of Jews?

You know, I myself have Jewish ancestors, and I will never be ashamed of nor hide that fact. I like the fact that Israel exists as a "Jewish State". I like the fact that Christian America has always thought highly of Judaism and has welcomed Jews as Jews. At the same time, there are times I get so fed up with irrational Jewish whinging, and irrational Jewish hatred of, and sometimes lies about, Christianity.

(*) By the way, there is a simiar dynamic amongst Canadians, especially the more "liberal" or leftist they are -- for many Canadians, their Canadianness amounts to little more than, "We're not Americans! ... and that makes us better, nicer, and more moral than they are!"