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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fair and Balanced

Michael Flynn: Fair and Balanced -- "It is humorous to realize that the pro-choice folks are objecting to a message that starts "Choose..." Evidently, they are not so much in favor of choice than they are of making certain specific choices. Who knew?

The solution is obvious ...

2012/12/13 related: University of Victoria censors school’s Catholic Students Association -- As Kathy Shaidle put it: "University of Victoria: pamphlets promoting chastity constitute ‘harassment’ ... or something"

Just remember, "liberals" are "open-minded" only toward that which is perverse and destructive, both personally and socially; "liberals" are "tolerant" only until they believe they have the force to show their true colors.

012/12/14 related: Proph, on 'The Orthosphere': Thanks for the honesty, anyway From the linked CNA article:
[French] Education minister Vincent Peillon told the Dec. 11 conference that the classes on secular morality would emphasize the French secularist values of equality and fraternity.

In an interview with Le Journal du Dimanche, he said that secular morality is to “understand what is right and to distinguish good from evil.”

“Secularism is not about simple tolerance … it is a set of values that we have to share.”


Drew said...

Other than "Choose Abortion" or something similar, I don't see how there could be any comparable plate for the abortion supporters. It is not telling people to criminalize abortion. It is telling people not to get abortions. The only converse would truly be to choose death.

Ilíon said...

The pro-abortionists really don't like people to think about what the "choice" they promote entails.

At Sinai, God said to the Israelites: "I have put before you today the choice of life or death: therefore, choose life."

The same choice is ever before all men and all societies.

Our (modern) societies have chosen death.