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Friday, December 7, 2012

For 'liberals', the rest of the world isn't real

Wintery Knight: Surprise! WMDs from Iraq were moved to Syria by Saddam Hussein

Of course, there is in truth absolutely no surprise that Saddam Hussein's stockpiles of chemical weapons -- you know, those famously "missing" WMD -- were shipped to Syria during the Bush administration's infamous (and non-existant) "rush to war". The world watched the shippments happen in realtime, as the Bush administration spent months working to convince the "liberals" to get on-board with taking out Saddam Hussein regime.

But, to "liberals", the rest of the world isn't real, the lives of the people in the rest of the world aren't real, their mass-murders aren't real(*). Thus, since the most important thing to "liberals" was to cripple the Bush administration, any inconvieniet truth out there in the rest of the world could be ignored and denied(**) ... no matter the forseeable consequences.

(*) Though, in defense of the "liberals", the lives of the "small brown people" in the US whom they pretend to champion aren't real to them, either.

(**) And, for "liberals", any truth of reality that the rest of us cannot force them to acknowledge does not exist.