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Saturday, December 15, 2012

What is wrong with killing children?

Compare and contrast --

2012/12/10, 'troy', one of the intellectually dishonest 'atheists' who infests Michael Egnor's blog:
Ilíon: Ironically, the very intellectually dishonest fools who (among other things) accuse you [Michael Egnor] here on your own blog of advocating murderous racism can be counted upon to support this moral monstrosity [murdering handicapped children via starvation and dehydration].

Well, it would be 'ironic' if one expected either intellectual honesty or simple honest moral judgment from them.

troy: What's truly ironic is that an intellectual dwarf like you paints everyone who disagrees with your medieval moral standards as intellectually dishonest.

Egnor: How do you feel about starving handicapped babies to death, troy?

troy: I think that's pretty bad, Michael. As you know, I think it's OK to put terminally ill infants out of their misery by killing them swiftly. Sadly, because this, in my opinion, humane approach is still illegal in most places (because of misguided religious ideas), desperate parents feel forced to make their children go through this ordeal. It's awful.

Egnor: Would gas kill terminally ill infants "swiftly"? You could build chambers. To reassure the kids, tell them you're just taking them to the shower. ...

troy: Gassing kids en masse, that's more like the Christian Nazi thing to do. I'm not advocating that at all.
Let's ignore, as best we can, 'troy's' blatant lies and studied ignorance and intellectual dishonesty, so that we can focus on his support for murder: this *just is* "liberalism" (and libertarianism) and atheism in action.

‘troy’ doesn’t condemn murder; he celebrates and promotes it – he just doesn’t like it to be publicly visible. It’s not murder to which he objects, and certainly not on moral grounds; rather, it’s just the messiness of mass-murder that he finds distracting or distasteful.

2012/12/14, Vox Day: What is wrong with killing children?
One of the interesting things I've noticed about all the emotional posturing about the Connecticut public school shootings is that a fair share of it is being done by people who claim there is no God, no good, and no evil. Some of those people also happen to be those who assert that the Earth has too many people.

So, I find myself wondering if they are knowingly striking false poses in order to hide their amoral inhumanity at a time when sensitivities are particularly acute or if they are merely intellectually incoherent. The logical fact of the matter is that if there is no divine spark within us, if we are merely bits of stardust that happens to have congregated in one of many possible manners, then therre is nothing wrong or objectionable in rearranging the stardust a little. What difference does it make to an atom if it now happens to be part of arrangement X instead of arrangement Y? What difference does it make to the universe?

And if consciousness does not exist, if it is the illusion that some of the more imaginative neurophilosophers claim it to be, then how can anyone possibly object to the elimination of the nonexistent? What tragedy can be found in the transformation from nothing to nothing?

And if there are too many people on the Earth, in the country, then is not the reduction of that excessive number to be celebrated?

And if it is good, moral, and legal to kill a child in a trans-natal abortion, how long after birth is such killing truly licit? Would it make the deaths of the young public schoolchildren more palatable to describe them as 24th trimester post-natal abortions?

In an increasingly post-Christian pagan society, what is is wrong, precisely, with killing schoolchildren?
Logically, 'troy' and all those others who deny the transcendent reality of morality cannot condemn the murders of these children in Connecticutt as being wrong/immoral. Logically, they cannot condemn any murders at all; for to condemn murder is to assert that one ought not murder; that is, it is to assert the transcendent reality of morality.

What a strange and perverse society and culture we find ourselves in -- the "liberal" "cultural elites" purposely teach several related falsehoods about the nature of the world and of human beings, and most everyone else blithely goes along with these falsehoods, ... and then everyone acts all shocked! Shocked! SHOCKED! when someone inevitably behaves as though those blatant falsehoods were true.