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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Your society on feminism

Wintery Knight: Psychologist claims father is an unfit parent for refusing to yield to son’s demands for fast food -- The cases W.K. discusses (and the millions more like them all across North America) are the direct result of the deliberate goal of feminists, and leftists in general, to destroy the family, to destroy fatherhood, to destroy masculine authority.

Most women reading this next sentence (by which I mean 'women' of whatever chromosomal compliment) are going to shriek like banshees at my “sexist” heresy, but the truth is that ultimately this sort of thing, and much else that is destroying the nation, is the result of our great-grandfathers giving in to the demands of perpetually-dissatisfied females by giving all “women” (*) an acknowledged public voice in the running of the polity. The sad fact is even if a society starts out with almost all its females actually being mature women, once it gives women the vote, human nature – and the politicians’ race to the bottom for votes – ensure that within three to four generations most of the “women” in that society will be exactly the sort of worthless, weak, utterly dependent, yet-continually-boasting-of-being “strong, independent women”, females-stuck-in-junior-high-school that we see around us everywhere.

(*) My intent is to make a distinction between women – mature persons who happen to be female, and who really are "strong, independent women", and of whom there are precious few living in this age – and “women” (some of whom even have XY chromosomes) whose minds are stuck in junior high school.