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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Mrs Obama is a 'Birther'

For the second time recently, Bob Prokop, a leftist from Victor Reppert's blog, who has mysteriously taken to reading and commenting here (and who is constantly amused by his own witticism of equating my opposition to the imposition of leftist tyranny upon free-born Americans with advocating "Hell's Own Constitution"), has questioned whether I am a "birther" (*).

I am not.

However, Michelle Obama is a "birther" -- I have seen at least two videos of her expressing her "birtherism" before the Democratic Party handlers taught her to shut up about the matter.

Here is a video of Mrs Obama, in 2008, addressing the Perversion Caucus of the Party of Perversion (and Death), referring to Kenya as Barack Hussein Obama's "home country" (see the :40 to :47 mark) --
Think about this: back in 2008 -- before he and his handlers realized that they'd better change the issue -- BHO's own wife, who had, as she says, "lived with him for twenty years", *believed* and *said right out in public* that Kenya was his "home country".

Now, as I've pointed out multiple times, *where* Barack Hussein Obama, Jr, was born is utterly irrelevant to the question of whether he meets the Constitutional requirements to occupy the office of President of the United States. Nevertheless, the Democrats had tried, and so far succeeded, to use the issue of *where* he was born as a red-herring to deflect attention from the real issue: Is Barack Hussein Obama a natural born US citizen? (hint: no, he is not, and his failure to be a natural born US citizen has nothing to do with his birth-place) and to tar those who point to the *real* issue as "birthers", on par with "911 truthers".

The Republican Party and their shills have been happy to cooperate in this Democratic Party red-herring ... for they want someday to run Mario Rubio or Bobby Jindal or Ted Cruz -- none of whom are natural born US citizens -- for the presidency without having to worry about the pesky Constitutional requirement.

This is how Republics die.


(*) The second instance of B.Prokop accusing me of being a "birther" is here.

The first instance of B.Prokop accusing me of being a "birther" is here. NOTE: I had explained to him at that time, now nearly four months ago, that I am not a "birther"; I had explained to him at that time *why* I refer to the Obamanation as an 'alien' (regardless of where he was born); I had explained to him at that time *why* (though, there is more I could have said) the Obamanation is not Constitutionally able, thus not legally able, to occupy the office of President of the United States.

But, B.Prokop is a leftist ... so none of that matters. All that matters is protecting the brand; or, as in this case, protecting the face that represents the brand ... so long as that face still looks useful.