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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

She's such a woman

She's such a woman ... and I mean that in a very negative way.

So, I was reading Laura Rosen Cohen's blog, and came across this link, (approvingly) concerning Kathy Shaidle -- and one of her recent reactions to criticism.

So, here's what I saw when I decided to click:

Someone posting as 'Frip88' didn't like *how* she'd written something:
Shaidle: "When he appeared just before Christmas, he was no De Niro. He was no Bronson, either—the word “vengeance” made craggy flesh in the Death Wish (as in, fulfillment) series."

What a horribly crafted sentence.
And, truth be told, it *is* "a horribly crafted sentence".

So -- of course -- Shaidle and her fan-boys/girls simply must respond in the irrational way that most women respond to criticism -- *especially* when it's valid criticism:
Bahoomba: Meow.
brewin: Shaidle is a good writer because she is uncannily good at reading people. And her killer phrases far outweigh her bad.
Grammar nazis are rarely worth reading.
Kathy Shaidle: Hey thanks, Brewin. I don't let the jibes of anonymous jealous unpublished grammar nazi commenters bug me :-)
brewin: I think the operative phrase is "you're not smart enough to tell me how to write" ;-)

Keep on punching above your weight (literally)
RevantDream: Grammar nazis are rarely worth reading.
Hear hear.
Mal: What a crafty semblance of horror.
Peter Crawford: William Shatner is a funny man. Here in Britain he is universally liked due to his guest- hosting appearances on various shows, always genial and often hilarious.

To those who dislike Kathy Shaidle's sentence constructions, I invite you to go back to your dank couches, to tug weepily at the tattered remnants of what was once a proud young manhood.
*IF* one has read Shadle for any length of time, surely one can savor the irony (and hypocrisy) of her reaction.