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Sunday, August 18, 2013

This kind of merde happens all the time

This kind of merde happens all the time in Britain ... and in the US (though, not *yet* as frequently)

Wintery Knight: Former soldiers arrested by UK police for defending their business from burglar -- this is Your Country on leftism.  Read the excerpts to get an idea of the insanity.

Here is discussion of a recent instance of "liberal" insanity in the US related to self-defence --
Legal Insurrection: Merritt Landry Case: Overview of Louisiana’s Self-Defense Statutes
We’ll be covering the second degree murder trial of Merritt Landry, who was charged with second degree attempted murder for his shooting 14-year-old Marshall Coulter (described as a “professional thief” by his brother in news reports).

Coulter had scaled a spiked metal fence to enter Landry’s property at 2AM, in a Louisiana neighborhood riven by burglaries, home invasions, and car-jackings.

Landry, alerted to the presence of the intruder by his dog, and acting in defense of his pregnant wife and infant child, as well as himself, fired his licensed handgun at Coulter when it appeared the “professional thief” was reaching for a weapon.

Landry’s single shot struck the intruder in the head, severely wounding him. As of this writing, Coulter remains alive, albeit grievously injured. ...