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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Scientism, subtle and not

Shadow to Light: Steven Pinker’s Subtle Attack on Science -- concerning some not-subtle scientism

At the same time, the author of the linked piece (do read it) is likely engaging in a subtle, and unconscious, scientism himself (*). The very way he has titled the piece is indicative of scientism -- consider, were Pinker's misrepresention of reality an attempt to convince people that human use of such tools as, say, hammers, were proof that materialism/atheism is the truth about the nature of reality, would anyone, except in jest, title a take-down of his fallacious reasoning something like "Steven Pinker’s Subtle Attack on Hammers"?

Modern science, like a hammer, is a tool. It can be very useful when and where its use is applicabile; but outside that very limited sphere of applicability it is a positive hindrance … like trying to use a hammer to drive a screw. Modern science is a tool, and it's really not all that important, fot its use cannot help, and its misuse hinders, with regard to the things humans really care about.

People who consistently think in terms of there even being a possibility that any person could "attack science" aren't thinking about science, but rather about 'Science!'

(*) And, after all, most people in our scientistic culture do engage in scientism without realizing it or intending to.