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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Solipsism as a religious experience

Dalrock: Solipsism as a religious experience -- "The UK equivalent of the Girl Scouts recently decided to change their vow, replacing “love my God” with “be true to myself and develop my beliefs”. As the BBC explains this is not the first change for girls to that portion of the oath. In 1910 that portion of the oath was “do my duty to God”. This was changed in 1994 to the “love my God” wording, which has now been replaced with a promise to be true to themselves. ..."

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The favorite vice of women -- and of feminized men -- is the anti-rational quest to "follow your feelings". So, this change from "Obey God" to "love *my* (g/G)od" to "be true to *myself* and develop *my* beliefs" couldn't be more perfect ... from the point of view of encouraging feminine vice and anti-rationality. After all, "it's all about *me*" ... and *my* (mercurial) feelings!


B. Prokop said...

This brought to mind my feelings about the musical Spamalot, which contains the song "Find your Grail" (emphasis on "your"). This completely distorted the meaning of the venerable Medieval legend. The Sangraal was not subject to human wishes - it appeared and disappeared by the Will of God, and to seek it was to cleanse oneself of your own will and imperfections. But this glorious myth (illuminating a huge amount of truth within its fanciful story) is now replaced in the musical with a sort of "Do Your Own Thing" nonsense.

This is in no way whatsoever a left or right sort of issue - it is a reflection of our sorry contemporary culture, which sadly embraces the entire political spectrum.