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Thursday, August 1, 2013

If you want to say something nice about Bobby Kennedy ...

Ann Coulter takes Bill O'Reilly down a well-deserved notch for his senseless recycling of false talking-points from the Kennedy hagiography machine. But, her main target is the willful ignorance (of nearly everyone) that allows the false Kennedy-worship to continue ... and, of course, the Democrats and "liberals".

The last line of the piece is utterly hilarious, given "liberal" worship of the Kennedys and loathing of McCarthy.

Ann Colter: O'Reilly: Killing History -- "... If you want to say something nice about Bobby Kennedy, remind everyone that he proudly worked for Sen. Joe McCarthy."

There is also this ... not-so-nice question/accusation about RFK and JFK: Did Bobby Kennedy Kill Marilyn Monroe?


Drew said...

This is the second link lately that hasn't worked. You might want to check on what's going wrong

Ilíon said...

That was my oversight. I have only about an hour per day during the week (i.e. lunch hour) to use the internet, and I didn't double-check what I was doing?

Which is the other link not working?