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Monday, April 1, 2013

Find common ground ... or shut up!

This is another post concerning the leftists and/or atheists who infest Michael Egnor's blog --

JH asked:
@Ilion: Care to explain?

For, I had said:
What a God-damned, hypocritical fool you are. Amazingly, you're worse than, say, Bachfiend.

Which was in response to JH's post:
Watching you all talk past each other is immensely frustrating. If you can't agree on premises, it's pointless to argue about conclusions.

Here's the fundamental question: What makes a life worthy of being protected and preserved? For Christians, the criterion seems to be humanity; human life is worth protecting, period. For atheists, the equation seems to be more complicated and involve a number of criteria like intelligence, potential contribution to society, the opinions of their friends and relatives, and some sort of personal pleasure/pain ratio.

Now do me a favor and find some common ground before continuing this conversation.
Never mind, for now, that the accusation of "talking past each other" is a misrepresentation of what's going on, *look" at that last sentence: "Now do me a favor and find some common ground before continuing this conversation."

In other words, "I'm so open-minded and above the fray that you all need to just shut up ... while abortion is still a legally protected form of murder"

The lying leftist, 'bachfield', is at least open about his advocacy of the murder of unborn human beings; thus, 'JH' is, in this regard, worse than 'bachfield'. And, as hypocrites are damned-of-God, 'JH' is, as I said, "a God-damned, hypocritical fool".


Drew said...

It sounds like he was just clarifying the disagreement.

Ilíon said...

When you take his last sentence into account, it becomes impossible to see it in that light.