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Thursday, April 11, 2013

But all of them smell like gasoline

Douglas Wilson: Three Takes on the House --
The second group belongs to the revolution. They see the problems with the house, and the inequities that have developed (some have cleaned up their own rooms quite nicely, which natch, makes them the envy of all the others), and so they want to do something about the problem of "the house" as a whole. Because they are revolutionaries, it is an article of faith with them (held with a religious fervor) that the only thing we can do is burn it down and start over.

This is not simple arson -- the idea is an eschatological paganism. Without a Creator God, the father of any order that happens is chaos. And since the process is random, and there are times when chaos throws off some abortion of a world -- which has apparently happened in our case -- this means there is nothing for it but to destroy it all down to chaos again and let chaos have another throw. Two out of three? Baby needs a new pair of shoes . . .

But because a lot of us are living in this dive, it is not possible for these people to simply soak all the furniture in gasoline and strike a match. There are too many people in the first group who would say, "Hey! What do you think you are doing?!" Because of this, the radicals have to be duplicitous about their aims, which is just a fifty cent way of saying they are liars. They have taken to describing the gasoline as "furniture perfume," and when pressed about it say only that it is "for the children."

They are after one thing only, and that is power. When they get real power of the sort they want, it will be the power to destroy -- and destroy they will. In the meantime, they raise many different "issues," to confuse those who think they might be sincere, but as their godfather Saul Alinsky taught them, the issue is never the issue. The real issue is power, as measured by them in gasoline and matches.

These arsonist revolutionaries have gone under many guises, and have had many names. I will simply describe them in one lump as anyone to the left of Chris Christie, and for ease of reference, we will simply call them "commies." Some of them are dupes, and some are zealots, but all of them smell like gasoline.
Now the way I have stated all this certainly tips my hand. Which option do I think is the Christian one? But we have to be careful here. There are professing Christians who belong to all three groups. There are even sincere Christians -- the kind that go to Heaven when they die -- who belong to all three groups. There are sincere Christians who think Jesus wants us to help the commies, and there are sincere Christians who are genuinely attached to that wallpaper design in the foyer ...
Overall, it's a good essay. Nevertheless, it is not true that "There are even sincere Christians -- the kind that go to Heaven when they die -- who belong to all three groups"; for the "commies" intend to murder people.