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Sunday, April 7, 2013

As I've said, he *knows* better

When he's pounding his economic protectionism drum -- when he's arguing (such as he does) for economic statism, which is to say, for fascism -- Vox Day asserts that a commitment to 'free trade' is also a commitment to 'open borders'. This is not true -- and he knows it isn’t true. But don’t expect him to stop making the false assertion anytime soon -- despite that he has implicitly admited it -- Immigrants are good for the economy
... It is more than a little ironic that in the name of free trade, Americans have somehow managed to accept a system that involves the free movement of labor as well as restrictions on the movement of capital.
What he *said* is that in the name of free trade, American have heen duped into accepting a system which is the opposite of 'free trade' in two important particulars.