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Thursday, April 11, 2013

As simply everyone knows

As simply everyone knows, using state coection to redefine 'marriage' so that everyone else is compelled to call two (for now) dudes or chicks going at it a "marriage" won't affect you at all. I mean, really! it's just about "fairness" and "human rights".

The above is, of course, utterly false, in all its regaurds -- and *everyone* knows that it is utterly false. But, out of fear or out of indifference -- or becuase they active desire the inevitable end-point -- nearly everyone is pretending that it is true.

Comes a news item out of Washington State -- which, by the way, is not only not last the such incident, but is not even the first: this sort of thing has been going on, and being reported, for a number of years -- in which the bureaucrats who actually run government reach into the deep pockets of Joe Taxpayer to persecute a small business owner who merely declined to participate in a "gay" "wedding".

As I said, there will be more such incidents.

"Gay rights" isn't about anyone’s rights -- I mean, other than curtailing your right to have your own opinion on the matter -- it's about compelling everyone to pretend that homosexual practices, no matter how vile, are utterly normal, and indeed laudatory and demanding of celebration.

Of course, if the leftists do succeed in the goal to which end they are using "gays" as willing "useful idiots" -- the active world-wide persecution of Christianity -- you can be sure that, soon enough, when they are no longer as useful, they'll turn on the "gays". Hell, they'll even send them to the same death-camps they send Christians.

Anyway, what prompted this post is that I want to share with Gentle Reader a comment left by a leftist atheist on Michael Egnor's blog:
Women, Jews, blacks, and now homosexuals, when will the madness end? Soon there will be no one left for Christian bigots to discriminate against.

Let's overlook the misrepresentation -- the outright lies -- contained in that comment. Let's pretend that the sentiment expressed really does represent the truth about Christians, and that 'KW' really does honestly believe what he has said.

Can you not *see* how this must end, given "liberalism" (and the leftist puppetmasters of "liberalism")? Can you not see where the logic of (sinful) human nature *must* take this? Now, it's true that "liberalism" *is* mad, that it *is* insane -- but, nonetheless, there is a twisted logic to it and which controls where it goes.

Amusingly enough, and soon enough, such Christ-haters as 'KW' will not put up much objection to submitting ... to Islam. And, after all, that is what the word means. Besides, as Moslems, they'll have even more incentive to persecute Christians.