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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cowardice dissected

Venerable Beads: 'Cowardice dissected' -- an analysis and dissection of the BBC's "reporting" of the recent murder of a Israeli family. Other than a spot where it appears that Mr Beads' atheism over-speaks his reason ["... What is the point of finding a reasonable, sympathy-engendering motive, if the act you are attempting to reconcile with understandable human emotions is an attempt to blow up innocent people with exploding cars packed with nails? No normal or decent person would ever do such a thing under any circumstances whatever: only religious fanaticism could ever account for such behaviour"], it is a very good critical examination of the nihilism and intellectual dishonesty at the root of the BBC's reportage, and and the attitudes western leftists and "liberals" in general, towards Israel's existential struggle.


matthew said...

Thanks for the link - I've addressed your reservation in the comments section over at the original post.

Ilíon said...

I was my pleasure to share a link to your post.