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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Perhaps I'm too easily amused

I've long been amused at the silly and pretentious names developers of malls and apartment complexes (oops! it's "communities," now) give them, especially those in the form of "The This At The That"

I think the most amusing I have yet seen is this one I encountred today -- "The Legends At St. Andrews"

Imagine having to tell your friends (or worse, strangers!) that you live (or work) at "The Legends At St. Andrews"!


I've noticed that there is an apartment complex out north of town, on a road called 'Walker Lake Road,' called "The Landings At Walker Lake". Now, the thing is, there is a little pond -- somewhere out in the boondocks -- called 'Walker Lake,' after which the road is named. But, it's not anywhere near "The Landings At Walker Lake", which doesn't have any "landings", much less a mud-puddle to put them on.


Foxfier said...

It sounds like a very nice bit of medieval writing.....

Oh, wait, it's a building complex? Boo.

*searches* I envy their kitchen.....

Ilíon said...

Ah! They have legendary kitchens?

Ilíon said...

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