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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thomas Sowell on 'Blacks and Republicans'

Thomas Sowell on 'Blacks and Republicans'

Part of the root-cause of the problem Sowell addresses at the end of the piece [the GOP's continuous failure to make the case to black Americans that "liberal" policies are ultimately harmful to their interests] is due to the fact that most GOP politicians are professional politicians, which makes them fundamentally indistinguishable from Democrats, for professional politicians see the public fisc primarily as the means by which they are enabled to buy the votes of the public, and thus attain or continue in office. GOP professional politicians are "me-too" Democrats; they are the "tax-collectors for the welfare-state," rather than opponents of it -- Democrats are concerned primarily with growing the welfare-state (at the expense of your and my liberty and freedoms), while "me-too" Democrats (as the majority of GOP politicians are) are concerned primarily with the fundamentally impossible task of making the welfare-state fiscally responsible or sound.

Most "liberal" policies are immoral, for they have the entirely forseeable result of destroying the polity, and all for cheap and tawdry (and short-term) personal gain. Politicians -- and voters -- who do not oppose such policies are immoral persons, for they are willing to destroy the Nation, or the State, or the community, in the long-run (which is now not so far off for many States nor for the Nation as a whole) for their own immediate personal gain at the expense of their fellow so-called citizens.


Crude said...

I think one part of the problem of 'making the case' to the black community is that ultimately, said case is "and this is why the benefits you see as not only important to your community, but owed to you, should end." It doesn't matter how good of a case you're making - at the end of the day, it all comes to taking something away, and not exchanging it for something of equal or greater (direct 1:1 monetary) value.

Which makes it very easy for the opposition to say, "They're lying to you. They want to harm you. They want you to starve, or be poor forever, or anything else. They're racists." And thanks to that social darwinism shit, and the fact that just about everyone now worships the government, that's an easy one to pull.

I don't have solution to this. And it's not like it's specific to blacks either (though there's obviously some particular problems there.) Try to take anyone's welfare away (like banker's welfare) and it's pretty damn easy to recast the whole thing in attack terms.