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Friday, April 1, 2011

A perfect definition

In passing, Mike Flynn offers a perfect definition [or, more precisely, "characterizarion"] for "libertarian" -- "A libertarian is an absolute monarch with a very small kingdom."


Drew said...


Joan of Argghh! said...


Ilíon said...


I interpret that as "Long time, no see."

I've been getting settled into the new job -- which is an hour and a half drive from home.

This past week, I've been staying over there, as I found myself a sleeping room. While I was no longer spending three plus hours in the car, I didn't have internet access.

Last night, after I got back in town, I bought an mobile device (and plan) from Verizon. I'm going to test it this weekend to be sure that it's what I want.

cathy said...

I'd settle for a teeny-weeny kingdom if it meant I could have my own way... But, this has nothing to do with politics. ;)