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Sunday, June 20, 2010

What a real apology looks like

First, a comment about the real apology -- Bill Quick (Daily Pundit): Sorry isn't the hardest word
[a real] Apology

As opposed to the limp, lame non-apologies issuing from politicians and unicorn fanciers in the White House, ala “I’m sorry if anybody was offended…” here is the real thing.

Listen up, pols: This is how somebody with balls does it. All you gutless pussies out there take note, please.

And the real apology itself -- Iowahawk: Apology
UPDATE: Yesterday I posted a link here to an online petition I created. Before I set it up the petition I looked at a couple different petition sites and read their privacy policies to make sure they were kosher from a signer privacy perspective. "Petition Spot" seemed to be the only site that indicated that they did not resell email addresses, so I selected them. This morning I got a couple emails from people saying that they had "donated to the cause." Curious, I went to the petition site and discovered to my deep dismay that when you sign the petition, the site solicits a donation asking for a contribution to "help advertise the petition on Petition Spot." At least a few people dropped some PayPal coin on it, in the mistaken belief that the money was going to me. Instead it appears that this is Petition Spot's deceptive, shitty little "business model."

I have now shut down the petition and removed all links to it. I take full responsibility and am ashamed and angered that it involved well-intentioned Iowahawk readers. If I had known this beforehand I would never have posted it. I sincerely apologize to anybody who got snared in this, and I insist that if you donated to it you forward your receipt to me by email so I can personally reimburse you.