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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Penn Jillette, Professional Asshat, admits ...

Penn Jillette, Professional Asshat -- and, when you get down to it, a cowardly asshat -- admits that Christians are nothing at all like he claims we are.

(h/t Kathy Shaidle)

Speaking of Kathy Shaidle, take a gander at this outrage against civil liberties. ( and this and this )

My comment is: In my opinion, should there ever be a fascist/commie coup in America (or Canada), it will be the civilian police (*), not the military, supplying the muscle.

(*) Who are, as Shaidle rightly notes, merely unionized bureaucrats with guns.


MathewK said...

Good to hear some admit they were wrong about Christianity, but will they then stop their mean attacks and spread the word to their fellow haters. That's the real test.

Ilíon said...

Realistically, I don't expect his public behavior to change (*); that why I called him an "asshat."

(*) A big part of his schtick is accusing Christianity of fostering closed-mindedness and irrationality, and hateful bigotry; dropping that would really cut into his routine and lose him a lot of fans.

Crude said...

For some reason I get the feeling Penn's going to become a Christian someday. Just a hunch.

Still an asshat though.

Ilíon said...

That thought has occurred to me.

Sometimes, the psychological reason that some people lash out so irrationally against Christianity is that they are already "under conviction" (as it was phrased in my religious background) -- that is, if a person knows a truth which he does not wish to know, it is very common to lash out, irrationally and illogically, against that truth and those who already hold to it.

Some persons can make it through their whole mortal lives in that mode. Some finally exhaust themselves and admit to the truth they had wanted to avoid.

Ilíon said...

Here is a video of Jillette on proselytizing

Ilíon said...

Here is Jillette talking about some misunderstandings of the prior video.

Hey! I never said there were not idiots amongst Christians. And, given the sheer numbers of human being who claim to be Christians, it's pretty much a given that there will be a fair number who are idiots.