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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Steyn -- Musical Mullahs!

This post is an amusing example of Mark Steyn's wit and humor (in the face of some very un-funny trends in the world) that I wish to share with Gentle Reader; from Mark's Mailbox

Michael Young writes (see the header 'Hello, Dhimmi!'):
Mark, I’m sure you don’t read the New York Times, and thus probably missed their effusion about a revival of Nunsense and its jolly sendup of quaint Christian practices. I could not forbear to imagine the concomitant Islam-based musicals that will doubtless overtake Broadway and the West End in a similar spirit: My Fair Mullah, Clam Chador, Meet Me at the Minbar, Mahmoud, The Hijabi Game, West Side Sharia, maybe even a revival of The Desert Song.

I’m sure you could think of better ones, and have the connections to get them actually into production.
Steyn replies:
MARK SAYS: Well, first, I think you're confusing West Side Sharia with Best Eid Story. But on my European travels this month, I serenaded one audience with my instant guide to post-von Trapp Austrian demographic trends: "How Do You Solve A Problem Like Sharia?" So this subject has been on my mind. There are so many wonderful Islamic musicals to choose from. Who could forget Angela Lansbury's star turn in Jerry Herman's toe-tapping show about the Saudi justice system, Maim? Or the all-time great jihadist musical Gentlemen Prefer Bombs, with its fabulous Act Two showstopper when the entire chorus self-detonates and stops the show, at least until the dead can be removed from the orchestra pit and union-accredited subs brought in. It's one of the most memorable numbers I've seen since Mary Martin sang Cole Porter's dazzlingly rhymed honor-killing charm song, "My Head Belongs To Daddy". I certainly enjoyed the recent film version of that wonderful show about the deflowering of Aisha, Nine, and the recent revival of Show Goat, Jerome Kern's epic tale of the descent into a life of depravity of the winner of Saudi Arabia's Most Beautiful Goat competition. But, that said, my personal favorite remains Andrew Lloyd Webber's record-breaking clitoridectomy musical, Cuts.


MathewK said...

He certainly has a way with words. Sometimes Steyn makes me angry because he makes me laugh while reading about the awful fate that awaits us.