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Monday, May 17, 2010

Auster on Brewer

Lawrence Auster concerning Janice Brewer: "Brewer's rather colorful maiden name was Janice Kay Drinkwine. So, she went from being a wine drinker to a brewer. Whatever she's drinking, as Lincoln said of Grant, let's find out what it is, because I want to send a barrel of it to every elected official in the country."


Where's said...

and your point would be?

Perhaps you need to actually contribute to your blog, not just copy and paste little stories.

Ilíon said...

That is the last of your droppings I will allow to remain on my blog.

Don't bother me anymore.

nicholas said...

Love the Lincoln quote. So, you borrowed that?

Good post.

Ilíon said...

No, Auster borrowed that, I just quoted him 'cause I thought his quip/observation deserved to be known.

Just because Auster is ... well, he has some serious problems ... doesn't mean he can't make good/cogent points when he wants to.

cathy said...

Speaking of not allowing things to remain on your blog -- what is a "pornbot"?

(I'm pretty clear on the "droppings.") :)

Ilíon said...

A "pornbot" is what I'm calling whoever or whatever leaves a "comment" (usually on the most recent post) consisting of things like "........," each character od which is a link. I've never followed any of the links, but by hovering over them, one can see what the human-readable URL is, and they are surely porn.

As for Waldo, he's made perhaps a half dozen post since I told him to get lost. I guess he didn't get the point that I'm not even reading them, but simpy deleting them as soon as I become aware of them.

nicholas said...

Well, I might argue that you borrowed it from Auster, who in turn had borrowed it from ... guess who Where's...Lincoln. The fact that it is a quote makes the argument that it being taken from another blog site a vacuous charge entirely without merit, something the brilliant Where's might have seen on his own, if he weren't so damn focused on personal one-upsmanship. The Lincoln quote was worth quoting. Your quoting it shows you feel it is appropriate. It is up to Where's to figure out why. The rest doesn't matter.

Ilíon said...

Have you all been experiencing difficulties with "Blogger?" For a couple of weeks now, I sometimes cannot connect to blogs running on "Bogger" software, including this one.

I had intended to post this comment earlier, but couldn't connect.

A "pornbot" is a specialized version of what people call a "spambot."

A "spambot" pretends to be a person posting a comment on someone's blog (the exact same "comment" will be posted simultaneously on dozens or even hundreds of blogs), but the purpose of the post is to get real persons to click on a link, taking them to the spammer's site.