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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The real reason for the US Civil War -- Statism

James Padilioni Jr (posted by John Jay Ray): Lincoln: Separating the Man from the Mythos


B. Prokop said...

Sorry, Ilion, but this is nonsense. The South Carolina Declaration of Secession mentions slavery as the proximate cause of dissolving the Union. In fact, it lists NO OTHER REASON for doing so - not tariffs, not states' rights, not anything else.

It is those who make the claim that the Civil War was somehow not principally about slavery who are the true revisionists.

Bedarz Iliaci said...

"Statism" is a useless word, as useless as "fascism". A libertarian bogey.
Locke held that the primary function of the state was to secure the unhindered accumulation of private hoardings. I suppose, if one follows Locke, everything else would be statism. But why should we follow Locke? Even the American constitution does not.