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Monday, October 21, 2013

Race-card of the Day

Wm.A.Jacobson (Legal Insurrection): Anatomy of how a racism lie spread half way around the world

Look, leftists lie -- that is a bedrock truth that you need to get set into your mind. One of their favorite lies is to accuse people (*) of “racism”. And it continues to work because *you* continue to cringe in fear that you’ll be falsely accused of “racism” if you step too far out of the bounds the leftists have currently decreed. Until *you* are willing to say, "[Bleep] that shit!", or any other way you want to phrase it that means the same thing, and mean it, and stand by it no matter how they howl for your blood, then you will continue to be a slave to the leftists. Well, you'll eventually be freed ... when they murder you.

(*) primarily, but not, exclusively "right-wingers" -- they'll accuse *anyone* of "racism" if the accusation will serve their purpose of fomenting racial resentment and hatred, as witness their shameful and intellectually dishonest treatment of, for example, George Zimmerman and Paula Deen, *both* of whom are "liberals" and Democrats.