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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Take it seriously. Because they do.

Wm.A.Jacobson (Legal Insurrection): Tyrants if left to their own devices


B. Prokop said...

I'm a little concerned about the guy yelling out that the Constitution is composed of "Eternal Truths". No, it ain't. It's a very human document - a very brilliant one, but nevertheless not Holy Writ. There are no "Eternal Truths" contained within it. Otherwise, why have an amendment clause?

In fact, I can think of at least three amendments I'd love to see included:

1. 12 year terms for Supreme Court justices, with no eligibility for a second term.

2. No member of congress (either house) may serve more than two consecutive terms. He may later run again, but only after sitting out one full term.

3. No gerrymandering. (This one would be really difficult to word properly.)

4. I'll keep this one in reserve for another time. Don't want to derail any potential discussion.

Ilíon said...

You ol' rabid right-winger, you!

Along with limiting the terms of Justices, let us also recognize throughout the land that the federal courts do not actually have the authority to “interpret” the Constitution; and that, in fact, all federal courts, including the supreme Court, are, Constitutionally speaking, creatures of Congress – for, excepting the jurisdiction explicitly enumerated in the Constitution, Congress may extend or extend the sC’s jurisdiction at leasure.

Then, let it be recognized throughout the land that *no* officer of the United States has the authority to interpret the Constitution; for the general government of the United States, and the offices thereof, are created *by* the Constitution – they are not parties *to* the compact, and have no power, not existence, apart from, or superior to, it.

While we're fixing what has become broken, let's repeal the 17th Amendment -- that single change would go far toward fixing the Progressive "democracy" fetish that is, all by itself, destroying the Republic.

Senators are not Representatives -- today's progressives are even speaking of Justices as "representing" this or that group -- Representatives represent the populace; Senators represent the State.

Congress is not like Parliament, it is like the UN General Assembly.

Ilíon said...

oops ... "extend or [contract]", grant or limit