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Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Joe that keeps on jivin'

Bob Parks: The B&R Wednesday Skim

Re: the video which leads the above post --

I suppose that no one is shocked that a (rich) Northern "light-skinned" (*) "liberal" who speaks "with no [condescending] Negro dialect, unless he want[s] to have one" doesn't know that, in this context, the correct phrasing isn't "they gonna put y'all back in chains", but rather "they gonna put [ALL] y'all back in chains!"

(*) and, clearly, light-headed ... except for the plugs.

The Colored Conservative: Joe Biden and Liberal Racism
Bumbling Biden is at it again. This guy is his own worst enemy.

Tuesday during a campaign speech in Virginia, VP Biden told the crowd that Mitt Romney’s policies where going to “unchain Wall Street,” while at the same time would also put people “back in chains.”

Whether or not you agree with what he said isn’t the issue. The issue is that a Democrat – once again- speaks to an audience which is predominately black or in a city which is predominately black in a condescending, jive-talkin’, faux- negro dialect seeking to exploit blacks by affecting verbal mannerisms to achieve solidarity while exploiting an undercurrent of racial tension…simply to collect votes.

This is the same Joe Biden who said that Barack Obama- who at the time was running for president – was “[the] first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.”
What the hell is wrong with Democrats that they think they can’t relate to blacks like regular folk? Why do they feel the need to constantly appropriate the mannerisms of a Baptist preacher or to stereotypically, “talk black?” Why are Democrats always using race as an issue to manipulate black emotions?

Answer- blacks let them.

If a white non-Democrat or conservative attempted to shuck-and-jive a black audience it would rightly be called what it is- racist. But when a Democrat of any color does it, it’s defended by the President, the WH spokespeople and the mainstream media as being within the bounds decency.

So, as we often see: liberal racism=good; conservative racism=bad.

As long as black folks continue to vote Democrat and not make the party of the Klan actually earn black votes with outcome-based policies rather than intention-based policies and to force the Democrats to relate to them in a dignified manner, we will continue to see Democrat politicians perform more and more minstrel, Stepin Fetchit speeches that insult the very people who support them.

If blacks don’t take themselves seriously, who will?
"Answer- blacks let them" and "If blacks don’t take themselves seriously, who will?"

Exactly. "Liberals" look down their noses at blacks because most American blacks have willingly sold their own honor -- and the futures of their own children -- for the same old few rhetorical baubles come election time. "Liberals" have no respect for black Americans because most American blacks have no self-respect.

Moreover, it is in the DNA of Democrats to look down their noses at blacks; for let it never be forgotten that the Democratic Party is the party of slavery and Jim Crow and the KKK.

Also, Gentle Reader, pay attention to that bit before: "... Romney wants ta let the ... he said, in the first hundred days, he's gonna let the Big Banks once again write their own rules .... un-chaaiinn Wall Street!"

What is this [merde]!? Joe Biden (Joe Biden!!?), of the Obama/Biden pseudo-Administration, has the audacity-of-hope to accuse-and-condemn someone else for assertedly wanting to "let the Big Banks once again write their own rules"? What?! Is he outraged (outraged! I say) that Romney is, according to his own allegation, trying to "steal" the Dems' position vis-a-vis "letting the Big Banks once again write their own rules"?

edit 2012/08/19:
Bob Parks: Defending Racism, Liberally -- "Any number of white liberals have had no problem breaking into negro dialects in front of black audiences. Hillary Clinton in Selma or Al Gore in front of the NAACP in 2000. Thank God they don’t break into spirituals."