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Sunday, August 19, 2012


Gentle Reader my recall my frequent grousing over the level or quality of wireless internet access service provided by Verizon, which, by the by, had been even worse over the past couple of months (*). A week and a half ago, I'd finally reached my limit of frustration, and cancelled the Verizon account, despite that they imagine they're going to charge me an early termination fee.

I gave Sprint's "4G wireless" service a try last week. Here at home, an area that was "Sprint territory" before Sprint spun off its landlines, it didn't work as well as the Verizon service. If it seemed to work better away from home, that might have been the eyes of hope.

Since Sprint and Verizon are using much the same infrastructure, and specifically in many cases the same cell towers, I wasn't too surprised at that result.

I thought about giving ATT a try ... but, for the device I'd have to buy, there'd have been a $35 "restocking" fee had I decided during the amusingly named "trial period" to cancel the "service". Plus, there is that stupid two-year contract all the big cell companies insist upon.

So, anyway, for the near future, I'm pretty much incommunicado except on the weekends.

(*) It always worked fine when I'd test it at home ... but I didn't need it at home; I have DSL at home (which is almost never out of commission, and even the slowest-rated DSL service that I have was consistently faster than the "4G wireless" service of Verizon).

[This is definitely not an item with an 'Ilioncentrism' label; I'm torqued]