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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

'Gay Bullying: The Early Years'

Kathy Shaidle links to this gratuitous and tendentious silliness. I link to it to share with Gentle Reader the comment she left there:
Alt title:

Gay Bullying: The Early Years.

They refused to shut down their bath houses or change their disease-spreading behaviours even when the facts were known.

Some desecrated churches, others intentionally infected the blood supply, all to "raise awareness" and "make a point."

Instead, they blamed the Pope (!) and Ronald Reagan (!!) for their own irresponsible actions.

They lied and said "anyone can get AIDS" when the numbers proved the opposite.

All these years later, after all the red ribbons and free condoms and PSAs, HIV-infection is rising. Why?

Because some men still refuse to change their irresponsible sexual behaviors.

Billions of dollars have been diverted into treating this preventable disease instead of finding cures for cancer, MS -- any number of "unglamorous" diseases.

Oh and just to cut your assumptions off at the pass:

My mother was the only woman guest at a "gay wedding" in 1965. I lived in Toronto's Boystown for a dozen years. My business partner is a gay Muslim.

But facts are facts. And the horrible fact is:

You probably don't spend a lot of time with ordinary, "flyover" folks. But they are sick of all this petulance and whining and the glamorization of obnoxious behavior.

A backlash is coming and it will be ugly. I don't say that with relish.
What Miss Shaidle said is exactly the truth ... and so, of course, the "liberal" response to it is: "Don't look now, your hate is showing."


AstridsSoapbox said...

Oh boy, I so agree with you both.

Ilíon said...

One of the reasons I generally write the word "gay" with scare-quotes is homosexuality and "gayness" are not the same thing. Specifically, "gay" is more about leftist group-identity politics than it is about one affliction with same-sex attraction.