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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Book Galileo Was Supposed to Write

Michael Flynn: The Book Galileo Was Supposed to Write

My comment: The more I learn of the actual historical facts of the case (and the era), the more I think it fitting that the 'Science!' worshippers have latched upon Galileo as their patron saint.


Gyan said...

The Maverick Philosopher says that Genesis could not be literally true since light can not exist before the sources of light (i.e. stars) exist.

But surely in the Big Bang scenario, the photons exist from the time zero while the stars come on very late.

So Genesis is actually agreeing with Bib Bang and in a counter-intuitive way and that should increase the confidence level in Genesis scenario.

Ilíon said...

According to modern physics, energy -- light -- and matter are inter-convertable, and matter is "made of" energy. So, if modern physics is essentially correct, to say that there was light before there were stars is really not a problem, unless one insists upon being woodenly literal and intentionally obtuse.