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Saturday, July 31, 2010

When He's Right, He's Right

Lawrence Auster: The federal government is waging war on America: do we ignore that fact and continue playing by the rules?


Crude said...

I assume the routine is that if Arizona, or any other state, defied the federal government (particularly by way of defying a judicial branch defense of the federal government) then all manner of federal assistance is suspended.

But even in Arizona, what are the odds that state officials would be willing to defy the federal government if that was the price? How many would end up defying the state?

I'm not saying I don't wish it would happen, of course. But sadly, the question isn't purely whether "we" - citizens - are willing to 'play by the rules', but whether the people "we" elect are. And how often do "we" end up electing one guy or another largely because he secured the right endorsements from the right groups and the right insiders, etc?

Ilíon said...

Of course.

It ultimately comes down to the citizenry -- it ultimatly comes down to the question, "Are we citizens or are we subjects?"

And, if we *are* citizens, then what are we going to do about the century long "progressive" project to turn us into subjects.