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Sunday, July 4, 2010


And again, I say, "Hmmm."

Could it actually be that the highly esteemed, at least in his own mind, Wm Vallicella reads a "punk" like me? Though, as I didn't invent the phrase "undocumented Democrat" (*), he may well have picked it up elsewhere. Or, even if I had invented it, he might have invented it himself independently.

Still, it's an interesting bemusement.

(*) I suspect that I got the phrasa from Mark Steyn; and I'm sure Mr Vallicella also reads Steyn. I mean, who doesn't?

Or, on second thought, I might have picked it up from an Ann Coulter throw-away line.

Still, regardless of just where the phrase originated, I think we conservatives would do well to use it, and frequently; and to especially use it when the "liberals" deploy their preferred cynical euphemisms for the illegal alien invaders of our nation.

This is the blueprint the political elites of Mexico are following; but they're wise enough to know that in their case it must be accomplished in slow motion.