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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Defanging 'Wacist!'

Selwyn Duke (American Thinker): Hello, I'm a Racist, Pleased to Meet You

And what of civility? Be wary. When the left is civil -- or calls for civility -- it's usually a ruse. It's simply the tactic that best helps them achieve their aims at the moment. Here's how it works: Leftists lie through their teeth, and then, when you respond with righteous indignation, they pout like little girls, saying, "You're mean! You're intolerant! What happened to civility? [Translation: You called our lies lies! How dare you?]" Understand that the effect here is to stop sap conservatives from calling lies lies, thus allowing the left to use its greatest weapon with impunity. Also understand that the worst form of impoliteness is insincerity in discourse.

And understand something else: Leftists are cowards. They are creatures of the pack, finding their strength only in numbers. After all, what do you think being politically correct is all about? It means doing what's fashionable in our time, what makes you popular. A man who believes in Truth, such as Thomas More, will die for his principles, alone, twisting in the wind. A liberal goes the way the wind blows and will die for nothing. Stand up to leftists en masse, and they'll fold like a tent.

So free yourself. Laugh at the "racism" shtick. Make it a badge of honor. Call leftists what they are: cowards, bigots, liars, demagogues, and worst of all by far, enemies of Truth. Fight fire with fire. Remember, millions of good Americans are sick and tired of political correctness and will stand with you. So just say to our leftist legal aliens: If you like name-calling and you want to fight, OK. I'm a racist, sexist homophobe, and I'm in your face. What's it to ya?

In my experience, those who make a big deal about demanding "civility," regardless of their left-right orientation, are almost always very uncivil in practice. They demand this “civility” of thee (be thou Christian, or conservative, or anti-Darwinist), but not of he (thy corresponding anti-Christian, or “liberal,” or Darwinist), and certainly not of themselves. In my experience, nothing sets the “civility” fetishists off like bluntly exposing the lies of the anti-Christian, or the “liberal,” or the Darwinist.

Getting back to Mr Duke's point, the leftists are going to keep calling you "racist" no matter what -- so long as you keep cowering at the accusation. So stop cowering! Stop trying to prove the accusation false -- they know it's false: they don't give a damn about truth. What they give a damn about is power in the longer term, and shutting you up in the short term. They know that that calling you "Racist!" works very well to shut you up, because you *always* start sputtering and trying to prove to the very persons who know they are lying about you that they are mistaken in the accusation.

So, make a choice: are you going to continue to behave as though you are stupid? or, are you going to be honest with yourself about who you are up against? Are you going to continue to be their puppet, or are you going to say, "Wait! I didn't come from the factory with these strings, and I don't need them!"


Crude said...

Did you check out John Wright's post on the "racist" schtick? It's good stuff.

Interesting article though. I get the feeling that the "racist" label may finally be running out of steam. People may simply not care anymore.

Ilíon said...

"Did you check out John Wright's post on the "racist" schtick? It's good stuff."

I expect it was. However, Mr Wright doesn't want me to post on his board, so I don't waste my time reading it.

Drew said...

I absolutely think the "racist" label is running out of steam.

I guess the thing to do is just say, "If you define racist" as [insert applicable standard conservative position], then yes I'm a racist.

"Racism" is basically a word without any solid definition, anyway. That being the case, it's kinda absurd that we ever got to the point where we feared the label so much.