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Friday, August 16, 2019

This is socialized medicine

UK: He said something was stuck in his throat after surgery. The doctors didn’t believe him.

UK: Hospital Staff Caught Euthanizing Hundreds of Patients: “If a Nurse Didn’t Like You, You Were a Goner”

Canada: Canadian Health Care Refused to Pay for Disabled Father's Care, but Happily Paid for His Assisted Suicide


K T Cat said...

I heard Bernie go on a rant about drug companies. I had a friend who worked as a drug researcher for one of the big companies. She told me how hard it's getting to come up with new drugs as most of the widespread problems have treatments so the new drugs treat smaller and smaller portions of the population. For example, cancer isn't just cancer, it's a particular type of cancer with its own biochemical properties.

The drug companies also have only 12 years to monetize a drug. In those 12 years, it has to pay for all of the blind alley research that happens, which is becoming more and more common because the issues are more and more difficult.

Finally, I looked at the profit margins of the drug companies. They're higher than Home Depot, but not insane. High prices for non-generics is just the way it goes. It's the only business model that works if you want drug research to continue.

Ilíon said...

Also, that 12 year count-down doesn't start when the drug finally goes to market, but prior to that, and sometimes several years prior.