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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The volcano gods are angry!

Douglas Wilson: Babylon and the Bolshevik Buttercups
But surrounding the whole thing, there has always been a mysterious bipartisan consensus, one dictated by an imperious zeitgeist, promulgated by the entertainment complex and media, and studiously obeyed by all the politicians. This zeitgeist was enthusiastically pushed by the left and sullenly obeyed by the right, and the whole culture steadily followed after it. When it has made enough of an appearance to be given a name, it has been called political-correctness.

If you want to know what powers this zeitgeist has, look no further than the immediately honored demand—driven by hidden chthonic powers—that a hapless congressman from East Toad Flats (R-AR) be found guilty of a career-ending gaffeous blunder because someone at the state fair barbecue recorded him telling a blonde joke. The cry goes up in the village and into the volcano he goes.

So this brings us to the recent presidential election. A mistake that many are making with regard to all of this is that they are trying to interpret everything in terms of policy. Now as I said at the top, policy matters and the new president will have to institute particular policies. He will have to govern, in other words. ...

But don’t let that distract you from what is really going on. What is really going on is a gigantic collision between the insiders and the outsiders. Nothing is more obvious than that the decree went forth from the zeitgeist that Trump was to be thrown into the volcano, as so many before him had been, and the villagers refused.
In case Gentle Reader is unaware, Wilson was/is a NeverTrumper.


K T Cat said...

This has to be one of the best effects of the Trump victory - the demonstration of just how small the SJW cohort really is. They only have the power we give them.

Ilíon said...

Indeed; any power they do have the have only because the non-insane people have so-far kept retreating before their shrieking. Ignore them, or better yet, tell them to take a flying leap, and they melt away like fog.